Medical Fitness


Massage Therapy

Other Conditions

Picture of human spine

Spinal Conditions

- Neck/Back Pain

- Disk Impingement

- Degenerative Disk Disease

- Back/Neck Surgery

- Back/Neck Arthritis

- Car Accident Injuries

- Spinal Stenosis

Picture of human skeleton highlighting joints

Joint Conditions

- Arthritis

- Tendonitis

- Bursitis

- Ligament Sprains

- Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

- TMJ Dysfunction

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Neurological Conditions

- Stroke Rehabilitation

- Balance Disorders

- Vertigo

- Bells Palsy

- Carpal Tunnel

- Headaches

- Vestibular Rehabilitation

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Medical Fitness

- Diabetes

- Chronic Disease/Obesity

- High Blood Pressure

- Post Cancer Rehab

- Parkinsons

- Cardic Rehabilitation IV

- Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

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Nutrition Counseling


Using the expertise of our staff and the latest technology we can:


• Create nutritional and weight loss goals for you.

• Establish and recommend calorie and nutrition baselines.

• Establish custom nutritional goals and balances for different body types.

• Adjust for your activity levels and set calorie baselines for weight control.

• Discuss your nutritional needs as it relates to your medical condition; Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

Massage client receiving a massage

Massage Therapy


A private Licensed Massage Therapist is available for appointments if it is something you would like to add to complement your Physical Therapy treatment.  Coming mid-April!


Stephanie T

Provider writing script to highlight other conditions

Other Conditions

- Sports Related Injuries

- Post Surgical Rehabilitation

- Plantar Fascitis/Orthotics

- Work Related Injuries

- Carpal Tunnel

- Fracture Rehabilitation

- Hand Therapy


- Muscular Pain

- Gait Abnormalities

- Postural Rehabilitation

- Vertigo/Dizziness


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